Testing Services – Moisture/Leak Detection with Infrared (IR) Camera

Here at Melbourne Mold we offer use of an Infrared Camera that produces images of heat radiation. Our technicians can detect the existence of moisture inside of walls that cannot be seen by the human eye. Moisture related issues promote mold growth, and moisture related problems can be detected by the camera before they are visible. But the infrared camera is not effective on its own. Our technicians also take temperature & humidity measurements to make an informed decision about possible mold growth.

Infrared cameras are a tremendous time saver in mold detection. They can cover large areas in a shorter time period than traditional methods. They also can provide a reliable survey that can be used by prospective homebuyers or homeowners who have suffered damage and are making a claim with their insurance company. It can also be used to make sure that the proper repairs have been done on a home that has a mold problem. Infrared technology can be used to supplement the other tools in mold detection to provide a person with complete information. The technology can also be used for early detection by finding spots that moisture can be retained. Because of all of this, the use of infrared cameras for mold detection is an invaluable tool, inspections with an IR camera are strongly recommended as part of a mold assessment to ensure all sources of moisture are resolved.

Used properly, a thermal imaging camera can provide valuable information during moisture assessments, mold remediation, and water damage investigations. Temperature difference caused by evaporation, radiation, thermal bridging, infiltration/exfiltration, and other sources must all be carefully evaluated.

The inspector uses thermal imaging and data logging moisture detection equipment to inspect areas of concern. The extra verification gives additional assurance that the findings from the IR camera are defensible. All property owners and their insurers faced with a claim alleging mold infestation can find these tools essential to the decision process and proper maintenance of the structure.

The time saved using infrared, and the larger areas covered rapidly by an IR Camera, can save time and money by providing a faster, more efficient and more reliable survey.

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