Mold Remediation

Mold remediation requires a special license. The purpose of the remediation process is to remove and eliminate the mold and fungal growth and to remove contaminated materials. Simply killing the mold with a biocide is not sufficient to eliminate concerns. The mold must be removed because mold particles which cause reactions in humans trigger such reactions whether mold is dead or alive. Mold must be physically removed.

Professional mold remediation requires extensive training and experience. Before beginning any mold remediation, we recommend assessment of the area followed by clean up of the entire moldy area using trained staff, protective equipment, and air handling equipment.

The first step in solving an indoor mold problem is stopping the source of moisture that has allowed mold to grow. Next is to remove the mold growth.

Improper methods for cleaning mold include exposure to high heat, dry air, ultraviolet light, ozone, and application of fungicides. These methods may render the mold non-viable or dead, however, the remaining mold and its by-products can still elicit negative health effects. As noted in following sections, the only proper way to clean mold is to remove it along with damaged materials, and to clean all surfaces using appropriate liquid solutions. Many commercially available detergents marketed for mold clean-up also include an anti-fungal agent.

Some mold situations require professional mold remediation to remove the affected building materials and eliminate the source of humidity or dampness. In compelling instances of mold development in structures, it might be savvier to denounce the building as opposed to clean the mold to safe levels.

The goal of remediation is to remove or clean contaminated materials in a way that prevents the return of fungal growth. This is accompanied with contained clean zones and engineering controls to keep all mold from leaving the work area while protecting the health of workers performing the mold abatement.

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