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Mold develops where there is excess water and moisture over a period of time. The most effective way to protect your family and property from the threat of mold is to have it tested and remediated immediately by a professional restoration company. Melbourne Mold offers mold testing and mold related services to detect, stop, and remove the growth of mold to restore your home or business to its original state.

Mold is always present in the air and can be found on plants, foods, dry leaves, and other organic materials. It’s common to find molds in homes and buildings since molds grow naturally within living spaces.

Common mold problem sites include humidifiers, leaky roofs and pipes, overflowing sinks, bath tubs and plant pots, steam from cooking, wet clothes drying indoors, and flooded properties, as well as homes with high humidity or left with the air conditioning off.

A visual inspection is paramount with the recognition of moldy odors and must be used to help identify problems needing correction. Efforts should focus on areas where there are indications of moisture or where moisture problems are suspected. The goal of the investigation is to locate indoor mold growth and its causes to determine how to fix the moisture issues safely.

If you are having a problem with allergies then there’s a good chance there could be mold growing somewhere in your home. Common allergic reactions to mold include sneezing, sore eyes and a runny nose. Mold is microscopic and may be a severe problem before it is visible.

Visible mold growth might seem like an obvious sign of mold. However many people don’t notice small amounts of mold growth or they think it’s just soot or dirt. Sometimes people simply ignore visible mold in their house.

If you can see mold growth, even if it’s only small, you should take action immediately. Small mold patches can spread and the fact that there is any mold shows that the conditions in your home are right for mold to grow.
If you don’t take care of mold it will soon become a bigger problem. Visible mold growth could also be a sign that there is a much larger mold colony growing hidden away from view.

Sometimes you might not realize there is mold in your house, especially if it is unusual looking mold. Some mold growth looks white and thread-like. Other mold appears as clusters of small black spots. Mold can be black, gray-brown, gray-green or white in color.

We are fully licensed for mold assessments and mold remediation, and we are pleased to work with insurance companies. When our mold service is coupled with our experience in engineering and environmental consulting, we are able to properly diagnose mold problems AND the cause of moisture intrusion that is the root cause of every mold case.

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